Finally, a no-contract SEO service with results-only fees!

Are you tired of the mystery surrounding SEO and the elusiveness of search engine ranking success? Had enough of service providers that promise you the moon but pre-emptively demand a 12-month contract, and then spend your now trapped marketing budget with junior employees, who burn through your hard-earned money as on-the-job learning practice? You've now found a solution. -------------------------
My name is John and I'm an online marketing consultant with 20+ years experience (since '96). I'm not one of those providers, don't need long-term contracts to retain customers, and certainly don't pawn off your crucial SEO campaign to juniors. After all, if a so-called SEO specialist truly knows how to "rise to the top", a priceless skill in this digital age if there ever was one, then why on earth would they be operating as an employee instead of ranking their own income streams and clients towards increasing financial freedom!? -------------------------
I live and breath search engine optimization on a daily basis in 7 languages, performing all aspects of my clients' SEO personally, in addition to continuously ranking my own portfolio of online properties. In doing so, I repeatedly achieve sustainable natural search visibility globally, inclusive of simultaneous first page rankings in the US, EU, Asia and beyond. If you're ready to finally get this aspect of your marketing sorted, then schedule a free 30 min consultation today!

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Why Companies Choose Me

You just won't find these quality offerings from other SEO providers, such as my unbeatable trinity of "no contracts", "results-based invoicing" and "no conflicts of interest, only 1 client per market niche". That's because I'm supremely confident that I can help you be more successful and am willing to put my own rewards on the line every time to prove it; so what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation and let's get started! (scroll down each section below to learn more)

White-Glove Service & Expedient Rankings

As a boutique service provider, once I’ve accepted you as a client, you will be treated with the highest level of personalized attention. I do not pawn you off to an ‘account/relationship manager’ and you will always be communicating about campaign questions and requests with the person who does the actual SEO work, myself! This saves us all time and supports no-excuses fast results. Furthermore, by avoiding the large-team and high-overhead agency approach, I’m also able to offer more reasonable rates, which allows you to derive maximum value from your marketing budget.

Pure SEO Focus & Network of Experts

My one and only focus is Search Engine Optimization. I don’t advertise a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none list of digital marketing services like many others do, and thus all of my time is centered on SEO client care and results delivery. During the iterative consulting phase of ongoing campaigns, I will freely share my decades of experience in holistic campaign management however, to help shape an integrated strategy, and can also refer you to my global network of best-in-class experts for any other required specialties, including content production, web design, social media and more.

Take Over Market Share

This is a highly competitive time with fast-movers and established-players in nearly every professional niche. Regardless, with a world-class SEO expert on your side, you can still go from zero visibility with a brand new business or offering, and start competing with the largest market share holders (whether locally or nationally) within months, not years! Moreover, this can be done just as well by large organizations, that are seeking to cost-effectively test out new market potential, possibly before making a more substantial entry through buyout for example. I’ve helped multi-national organizations in creating a new market entry for a fraction of the cost of acquisition, then after ranking the new entrant above a formerly top player, also doing digital due diligence on the latter so they could be bought out at a proper and lower valuation. The end result was even greater dominance of a new market through multiple brands, one created plus one acquired, with substantially lowered capital risk.

No Conflicts of Interest

I take great pride and satisfaction in being the best advisor and campaign steward for my clients. Global online marketing is not a “job” for me, it has been my professional passion since the Dot Com Boom of the late ’90s. Not only do I take full responsibility for all aspects of your SEO, but I also provide strict confidentiality regarding your online strategies that we cultivate together (including NDAs as desired) and only support a single organization in any given vertical and search niche at a time, so there is no conflict of interest (make sure to ask about this and *demand* the same treatment from any other SEO providers you speak to.)

Regional to Global & Multi-Lingual

Having lived and worked in four continents over 20 years, I’ve learned how to rank at both the regional and national levels in over a dozen localized versions of Google; something that relatively few SEOs worldwide can honestly claim. An avid student of many languages and with native speakers helping me perform international campaign keyword research with cultural and colloquial sensitivity, I can rank in foreign language search so that you can effectively reach your highest-converting global target audiences.

No Contracts & Results-Based Invoicing

I have digital clients that have been with me for over a decade, and never use long-term contracts to lock anyone into my service. Any truly competent SEO will give you absolute freedom to cancel at any time, and if a provider instead asks you to legally commit to a time-frame longer than monthly, RUN (don’t walk) away. Furthermore, invoicing is done in arrears (yes, monthly results first, payment after!) When huge Google algorithm updates or any other sort of improvement delays occur, I simply do not invoice you until I’ve thoroughly studied and understood the new ranking regime, so that sustainable positive growth may then be resumed. This ensures that your digital marketing investment translates directly into always greater gains, in both search rankings and sales leads.

About Me

It is my mission to help you win professionally, by making your offering visible to your city, country or even globally in one or more languages.

With SEO, I’ve found my calling, in that there is no greater career thrill for me than seeing the joy my clients experience when they realize that their business, their non-profit organization, personal capabilities or creative ideas have suddenly achieved national or even global recognition through the power of search engine visibility. Moreover, the fact that such can be accomplished within a few months on average (45-90 days for the lowest competition niches to roughly 90-180 days for the more competitive ones; “agencies” will routinely stretch their estimates out to 12 months at least and fail to deliver even then!) and without multi-million dollar budgets, means that SEO as a marketing channel is truly the great equalizer. So I’ve dedicated myself to perfecting this skill, not only for my own use but also so that I can continually share in the tremendous excitement that my clients feel, by playing a crucial role in helping their professional dreams come true.

How I Can Help

My proprietary techniques and straightforward four-phase approach saves you time and money, while always protecting your freedom of choice. Don't let unscrupulous providers confuse you with technical excuses or scare you into a long-term contract. In the world of SEO, only results count!

Time estimate:

5-10 days

Step 1: SEO Site Analysis & On-Page Edits

I will identify and implement a number of small but very powerful “on-page” improvements to your site elements (mostly minor text edits) that will result in immediate ranking gains. This lays the foundation for the coming “off-page” SEO work that will allow you to methodically overcome even large corporations and multi-national organizations.

Time estimate:

45-90 days

Phase 2: Top-10 Rankings with High Traffic Keywords

Sustainable top-10 rankings can only be achieved through the highest quality backlinks and “off-page” SEO. I immediately target the highest traffic phrases, so there is no wasted time with useless keyword rankings. You will now start receiving more visitors and we will refine the on-page elements further to enhance engagement and site usage metrics.

Time estimate:

+45-90 days

Phase 3: Top-3 Rankings and Conversion Optimization

First page is not enough, the bulk of natural search traffic comes from the top three spots. I systematically overcome all of your competitors until you are a consistent top-3 listing, across all of your keyword groups. We then expand our focus to include conversion optimization so that more of your visitors and leads turn into paying customers.

Phase 4: Expand with New Content & Microsites

The very good news is that I can take you to the top with your starter content. Once there however, you may opt to expand further; in which case, we can generate additional content or even create microsites to progressively take over specialty markets. The end result is a diversified portfolio of online properties and digital income streams.

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